BioMedic Hair Therapy Reviews & Testimonials

Independent Review of BioMedic Laser Hair Therapy Complete

A Channel 13 staff member undergoes BioMedic hair management therapy for one year;
this video documents the results of combining BioMedic topical hair loss solutions with Low Level Laser Therapy.
The results speak for themeselves…

  • Rocky Bleier

    Rocky Bleier

    "Dear Joe, I don't think I ever took the opportunity to truly express what a wonderful job BioMedic has done in restoring my hair. You were a savior. All my perceptions about hair transplants went out the window with BioMedic. You gave me back what I had lost... you gave me back - me."

  • Jeff Olinger

    Jeff Olinger

    "I am a 36 year old single professional who enjoys an active lifestyle. My hair is a most important appearance asset. I work hard to keep both my hair and my body in tip top shape. BioMedic's medications have helped keep my hair in excellent shape for over 15 years."

  • Tony DeGuide

    Tony DeGuide

    "Dear Dr. Olinger,

    I would like to take the time to thank you and your excellent staff for the superb service and medications I have received from BioMedic. I swear by the BioMedic program and I will continue to tell people there is an alternative, and not to give up hope!"

  • Dennis Stella

    Dennis Stella

    BioMedic patient Dennis Stella, was featured in the book Impersonating Elvis, written by Leslie Rubinkowski.

    "Dear Joe, Thanks for giving me an alternative to the 'wig'! All my best!"

  • Dave Powers

    Dave Powers

    "In my profession, I could not afford the risk of poor results often associated with hair transplant surgery. I evaluated numerous clinics, and my search ended with BioMedic. I apprecieted their openness, friendliness and willingness to provide me many referrals. Although I had to travel out of state for my procedure, it was definitely worth it!"

  • Steve Sulli

    Steve Sulli

    "I decided to go to BioMedic for my surgery because they educated me. The main thing is, they weren't just trying to sell the transplant. I felt completely comfortable with them."

  • Dr. Travis Henderson

    Dr. Travis Henderson

    "My hair is growing back. As a medical doctor, let me tell you, it works."

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